Acoustic Mapping Teensy Breakout

About six weeks ago, I put together a board layout to accommodate a Teensy 3.1, and four mic pre channels with precision rectifying.  It was a lot of fun laying out a through-hole board after spending all winter doing SMT on The Public Radio. It's also a beautiful thing placing an order on Osh Park and having it run $30 as opposed to the $300 with TPR.  As far as assembly goes, well that's a different story :)  


I made a few silly errors in calculating my gain setting resistors for the mic preamps (namely not factoring in microphone impedance) and with the tight layout, and pad sizes that were just too small it more or less meant building a second board.  

There's still some fixing to do with quieting the noise coming off of the pixelstrip, but all in all I'm excited to start taking some new photographs with it, for the ongoing acoustic mapping project.  

First build 

First build