AF595 is a 600 square foot permanent lighting installation, commissioned by Antfood Studios.  The sculpture was developed in collaboration with Studio Indefinit over the course of 8 months, and installed in February of 2015.   The piece consists of 1200 R/G/B LEDs on 600 floating pcbs, aligned geometrically, which create a parallax effect as you move around the lights.  Each pcb is individually addressable over a DMX protocol.

Additionally, two microphones are suspended in the installation that provide a sound responsive input to the lighting animations, as well as a control box, retrofit with vintage mixing console components that allows users to switch between animation presets, and mix their own lighting effects.  

We designed, fabricated and installed every aspect of the installation, including writing thousands of lines of code, iterating on over four pcb designs, and developing hardware and software tools to test and assemble the sculpture along the way.  


AF595, in the Antfood Foyer 


Fabrication and Installation 

Planning, Initial Designs