Over the last 5 years in NYC I've played in a handful of bands, some for brief stintsothers for years.  I started playing drums in 6th grade, rocking out to Led Zepplin - mostly a casual affair. In high school I played in a few bands and somehow ended up on a lot of reggae gigs (what can I say, I'm from an island - of sorts) which culminated in opening up for acts like, The Wailers, Culture, and Taj Majal.

In college I ended up studying music and composition. Even though photography was the intention, I fell in love with jazz, improvising, and writing music. For a good 8 years this was my main focus.  

One of my favorite projects to date was a trio/duo with the Seattle based musicians, Andrew McInnis and Luke Bergman. 

From 2009 to 2011 I played in the band School with a group of friends from college, led by the musician/theorist/writer Monroe Street.  We toured the country twice, playing over sixty shows in all of these random DIY spaces. This song is from the band's album, Use Your Body Words

School spun off into, It a Boy. One of their first songs came out of the last round of work in School.

For the last three years Daniel Fishkin and I have been playing music together under Dandelion Fiction. We describe the project as, Open Punk. Sometimes we play music, sometimes we hack electronics and hang out.

In 2012 I started playing with the band Jus Post Bellum. Since then, we've released two albums.  

From time to time I'll lead my own project.  Recently, it has been under the name, Diezyseis.