Deseos, Carlos Motta

Sound design, mixing


Nefandus, Carlos Motta  

Sound design, field recording, mixing and composition.

In 2013 The Nefandus Trilogy premiered at Rotterdam and Toronto Film festivals.  


Ventricles, Ian Turner

Sound design



Will and Teddy

John Ransom Philips, directed by Tea Alagic 

Sound design, recording, programming


I used this hand punch music box in Will and Teddy  as both a prop and sound design element. Instead of cuing this sound over the computer, the actors would wind the box with a strip I had punched a melody out on. The neat thing about music boxes like this is that you can feed the strip in upside down to invert a melody, backwards to play in reverse, tape in a loop for continuously playing a tune, or with a twist in a loop to make a mobius strip for a melody that inverts itself every other time. Since this play was based on the presidents William Taft and Teddy Roosevelt, and more generally on John's series of paintings The Sleeping Presidents, I had made a slight variation of the Star Spangled Banner to use during a dream within the play.   It was obvious and literal, but turned out well in context I thought.   

Bathtime Studies, Emma Grace Skove-epes 

Sound design, field recording, circuits