The Public Radio is a pre-tuned single station FM radio in a mason jar. It's the first consumer product to speak of that I've worked on, and is a collaboration with Spencer Wright - a long time friend and hardware rockstar.

I came up with the idea after being confused as to why I was still dragging around from apartment to apartment a, though beautiful, awfully heavy proton radio - especially when I only really listened to one station. The internet is the place to discover new media, not the tuning knob on the receiver.  

This started as nights and weekends commitment, though lately taking up a bit more time: re-designing boards, researching suppliers, testing, debugging, hand assembling, ordering custom potentiometers and antennas from Shenzhen, organizing and setting up a small prototyping shop, eating noodles with one hand and A/B testing with the other :)   

In the spring of 2014 we launched the radio on Grand St's beta program, and in September 2014 we launched our Kickstarter campaign and received a ton of support. We've been busy ever since, continuing to improve and develop the radio and fulfill orders.  

You can learn more about the Public Radio by visiting its website and signing up for updates, or pre-ordering it there.