Models, Planning and Small PCBs

This week I refined the model for our upcoming installation. This first set of images shows a single DMX universe, which will allow for the individual control about 170 PCBs with two lights (top and bottom) on each.  For each of the six universes there will be a single 5V 10A power supply and ethernet buffer card supplying the data line.  

Dave and Gabe have, among other things, been sourcing reclaimed wood to make up the roughly 34 ribs to support 5 LED strands, bus wiring, terminal blocks, and mounting hardware, most of which is detailed below.

The Studio Indefinit crew iterated on our jig hardware, 3D printing half a dozen or so blocks to hold the pcbs in line while we solder the wiring in place.  This has proved to be an extremely crucial part of the project to help maintain the integrity of the installation's geometry during fabrication next month. 

AND at the same time Kevin has been working up the software, creating a voxel animation simulator, which will allow us to overlay his LED animation models in Cinder onto our Rhino models of the install.  

More to come...