NYC Impulse Responses

Last night, Daniel and I made a few stops around town recording impulse responses. We were pretty down and dirty about it: field recorder, stereo mic, and balloons. One of us would watch levels and the other would move around and try and not look too suspicious while they knifed balloons.   

First stop, this amazing tunnel near my house in Prospect Park where there's about a 5-6 second natural reverb. It's super responsive on the low end and has this weird delay.  

Next up, recording random objects at my desk while we ate dinner: 4 foot packing tube, a frame drum and this bag of bones that Daniel wanted to record (yes).  

Finally, we hit the Clinton Washington G train concourse - a recommendation from G. Wilson - which also proved to be interesting: long decay and a much more even frequency response than the tunnel.  


All in all a good night, a great learning experience, and beginning of a solid ongoing summer project.     

Here's a zipped folder of the IRs recorded. Enjoy!