Being Busy

Last month, The Public Radio was featured in Popular Mechanics.  It was super exciting to pick up a copy, flip to page 10 and see our radio listed next to folks like Dyson and Benjamin Moore. Getting recognized in print, regardless of the publication is special.  Last month, Jus Post Bellum - a band I've dedicate a lot of time to over the past four years - was given a full page shoutout in the New Yorker.  Ironically, the band hasn't been nearly as active lately, and the slant of the article was both an acknowledgment of the group's previous two albums, and also noting the fact that it was heading in the direction of a duo because of the difficulty of finding time as a quartet with all our other personal obligations, and side projects. 

These two shoutouts have given me a bit of pause.  Over the last year I've turned down grad school, attended a 10 week alternative art/technology residency, launched and fulfilled a Kickstarter campaign (along with Spencer), co-designed and installed a large scale permanent lighting sculpture, got interviewed on CBC and NPR, did sound design for a short film, gave a (brief) talk at the Parish Art Museum, started a new job, and visited some of the Public Radio's manufacturing facilities in China.  It's been full, and exciting, but it's also meant that I've been super busy, and as a result have had to let things go. 

I've struggled for the past several years with how to fit music into my life.  The truth is that it's gradually been replaced by other work and side projects. Part of this was an active decision stemming from working in fields related to music and sound design, but the rest just sort of happened.  Looking back over the last seven years there have always been these undulations of personal interests and external opportunities and recognition. Every once and a while these things overlap and something magical happens.  Knowing when to move on from one project and onto the next thing can be especially challenging - relationships change, work environments change, etc.  I'm happy to have some cut-outs to hold onto :).